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'Checking a large routine'. This was a paper given by AMT on 24 June 1949 at the inaugural conference of the EDSAC computer at the Mathematical Laboratory, Cambridge, and published in the Report of a Conference on High Speed Automatic Calculating Machines, pp.67-9. The paper as published contained several transcription errors, and a corrected version, with comments, was published by F.L. Morris and C.B. Jones in Annals of the History of Computing, (Vol. 6, Apr. 1984). Comprises xerox of the 1949 paper and off-print of the 1984 version under the title, 'An early program proof by Alan Turing', made available by courtesy of the authors.

Paper, 6 items in envelope. Xerox and printed.

Keywords: 'Checking a large routine'

Provenance: received from C.B. Jones in 1984

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